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What is aluminum lithium alloy

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  Aluminum-lithium alloy is a type of aerospace structural material with broad application prospects. Years of development. From the perspective of the research and development, production and application of aluminum-lithium alloys, there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries. According to the forming method, aluminum-lithium alloys can be divided into two categories: deformation and casting. At present, more research and widely used are deformed aluminum-lithium alloys.


  Aluminum-lithium alloy is a type of aluminum alloy containing lithium element. The density of lithium (Li) is only 0.534g / cm3. Adding 1 to the aluminum alloy % Lithium can reduce the alloy density by 3% and increase the elastic modulus by 6%. Compared with other commercial aluminum alloys, aluminum-lithium alloys have higher specific strength and specific rigidity. Replace conventional 2XXX and 7XXX with aluminum-lithium alloys. Other series of aluminum alloys can reduce the quality of aerospace parts and structures by 10% -20%, and increase the rigidity by 15% -20%. Aluminum-lithium alloys were also included in the US aerospace materials standard in 2009.

  In terms of processing costs, aluminum-lithium alloys are only 10% of carbon fiber reinforced composites. And compared to composite materials, aluminum-lithium alloys are easier to recycle and have lower maintenance costs. Therefore, the development of new aluminum-lithium alloys is a new generation of aviation An important means for the development of the aerospace industry. However, the research of aluminum-lithium alloy in China started late, and there is a significant gap with foreign countries in the aluminum-lithium alloy industry and specific applications.

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