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How to save lithium metal sheet

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  Metal lithium was first discovered in 1817 by a Swedish chemist Alfwittsan in a rare kind of rock. In Greek, lithium is "rock." Lithium, a silver-white metal, is very light. Its density is 0.534 grams per cubic centimeter, which is the lightest of all metals. Lithium is used in the metallurgical industry . Adding a small amount of lithium (5 / 100,000) to copper can greatly improve the performance of copper: This is because lithium has active chemical properties and can react with harmful impurities in copper such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc. Agent's role. Adding a small amount of lithium to aluminum, magnesium and other metals can improve their robustness and acid and alkali resistance. Here are three magnificent summaries of how lithium metal tablets are stored:

  1: Metal lithium cannot be stored in kerosene,

  2: Because lithium has a lower density than kerosene, it will float on kerosene.

  3: Metal lithium should be stored in liquid paraffin.

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