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What do you know about lithium tablets

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  The most commonly used field of lithium metal sheet is currently used for the negative electrode of lithium ion batteries, because the lithium metal sheet has a higher theoretical specific capacity (3860mAh / g) and a very low electrode potential (-3.04V vs. NHE), which is considered as the anode material for the next generation of high energy density power batteries. However, the content of lithium resources in the earth's crust is not high (only 0.0065%). In addition, lithium metal is a very active metal, which can be easily oxidized to form a thick oxide layer, which hinders its further application. Therefore, removing the thick oxide layer caused by long-term storage in trace oxygen has important energy saving, environmental protection and practical significance.


  At present, the common method for removing the thick oxide layer on the surface of lithium is electrochemical polishing. The process is to place the lithium metal piece to be polished as a working electrode in a three-electrode system containing a lipid or ether electrolyte, and then work Applying an oxidation potential to the electrode causes the lithium to dissolve and gradually strip the thick oxide layer. However, the cost of the lithium ion electrolyte is relatively high, and it is toxic to humans and the ecological environment. In addition, the process of preparing a working electrode is also cumbersome. Therefore, in order to more easily and quickly peel the thick oxide layer on the surface of lithium, we propose a chemical treatment method. The chemical treatment method is simpler than the electrochemical polishing method, but at the same time, the organic reagent used in the chemical treatment method is too toxic, which is more harmful to the operator and the environment. Therefore, there is a need to provide a method for stripping the thick oxide layer on the surface of lithium, which is simple, fast, low-toxic, low-toxic, environmentally friendly, and low-cost, and suitable for industrial large-scale production.

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